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The Long Shadow of Chernobyl | Gerd Ludwig | Via

Part of the mystery and terror of the Chernobyl disaster is the invisibility of the threat. The explosion at the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin nuclear power plant released more radiation than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and one might never know they were being poisoned until months, even years later. Veteran photographer Gerd Ludwig’s spent 20 years photographing the area, chronicling the ongoing consequences of the radioactive release.

“You don’t see it, you don’t feel it, you don’t smell it, you don’t taste it, but it’s there,” he says. “It’s around you, and that makes many people oblivious to the danger.”

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cat at the door | gezimania

SoP - Scale of Environments 

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Graz & Vienna, Austria.

Photography by Bibio.


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Mont Saint-Michel, France (by StylelaB)

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In his gigantic body of work, Arno Rafael Minkkinen uses the human body in a truly ingenious way. Instead of the person being the center of focus, Arno cleverly aligns parts of the human body seamlessly with the rest of the picture.

The Human Form Aligned with Nature

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Learned about this guy last semester in photo history… Extremely cool stuff

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Took a bit time to scan these. I’ve been wondering why there’s no credit to the artwork and photography of this album. Did they forget it or something?